Luxury Estates International is proud to partner with Chinese-language real estate company Caimeiju (采美居).

Founded in 2008, Caimeiju provides a powerful medium to solidify and expand LEI’s reach into the increasingly important Chinese market. Through their strong network and Chinese-tailored marketing techniques, the company leverages accessible online media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Baidu and others as part of their outreach. Most importantly, Caimeiju professionally presents luxury real estate properties overseas to wealthy clientele who would not otherwise be exposed to promising investment opportunities and second homes in cities such as Las Vegas.

Having the fastest growing gross domestic product (GDP) in the world as of 2015, China’s economy is among the most robust in the world today. With a strong economy comes an influx of entrepreneurs, investors and affluent property owners seeking to extend and protect their assets abroad. Caimeiju reinforces Luxury Estates International’s ability to attract able buyers both domestically and abroad, and deliver outstanding results for the finest luxury real estate, homes and properties available.