There is no shortage of ways to get connected on social media. People are spending countless hours on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat while exchanging messages, clicking on photos and watching videos.

As technology evolves, so does social interaction. Fail to pay attention and the world will pass you by. That’s why Luxury Estates International (LEI) makes a point to always stay ahead of the trends and technology in marketing and selling luxury real estate listings.

Many of LEI’s properties are being featured in Property Highlight Videos that are specifically designed to be shared online. The clips are quick and to-the-point, showcasing lavish homes with quick edits, energetic music and eye-popping visuals. The video itself may be less than a minute or two long, but it’s carefully crafted with cutting edge graphics and digital editing of high-definition video. Every component of the residence is shot with the very best equipment in the industry, including aerial drone cameras that capture the scope and scale of a luxury property in all its glory.

It’s important for the videos to immediately draw a person’s attention while scrolling through a news feed. It may take just a second for a prospective buyer to take notice of a listing that could turn out to be that person’s home in the near future. The videos are stylish and offer plenty of wow factor in highlighting a home’s unique features, whether being viewed on a phone, tablet or laptop. From sweeping views and gorgeous swimming pools to fabulous kitchens and spectacular bedrooms, a viewer will instantly know why the listing commands top dollar.

LEI’s in-house marketing team knows how to tailor each video for a specific social media network. What works on Facebook might not carry the same impact on Twitter. The key isn’t to simply generate views, but to also generate shares. You never know when you’ll be tagged on a post with a message from a friend that says, “This home is perfect for you!”

In a rapidly changing online world, Luxury Estates International remains ahead of the game in drawing eyes to upscale properties. Property Highlight Videos are proving to be an effective tool that dramatically utilizes technology for the benefit of both buyers and sellers.