Luxury Estates International (LEI) is thrilled to begin an exciting relationship with SportStar Relocation (SSR). As a nationwide enterprise, the SSR team is dedicated to giving the very best in real estate and relocation services for athletes all over North America. With 20 years of qualified experience helping athletes relocate to their new homes, they have perfected the art of a seamless move. Whether in need of a private jet, pet transportation, assurance of safe shipment for valuable belongings, turn-key interiors or simply having the fridge stocked with groceries, SSR has thought of it all. Catering to the most elite athletes, coaches, staff and well-known names in sports, convenience and confidentiality are an integral part of the SSR philosophy – just as that of Kamran Zand and LEI.

LEI’s partnership with SportStar Relocation not only delivers an unparalleled edge for professional athletes, but also lends to increased exposure for all of Kamran Zand’s luxury listings. With a database of pro athletes, hall of famers, coaches, staff, money managers, sports agents and everything in between, LEI is the brokerage of choice for marketing luxury properties to the most broadest audience of qualified buyers. By utilizing this elite database with the most cutting-edge and innovative marketing techniques, Kamran delivers an unparalleled service and results.

“Headquartered in Las Vegas, we understand first-hand the needs and expectations of the most elite clients in the world. With the new 20,000-seat T-Mobile Arena now open on the Strip, we are prepared to accommodate a new NHL team or possibly Las Vegas’ very own NFL team.”

Kamran Zand, Broker/Owner
Luxury Estates International
SportStar Relocation Representative